21 OCTOBER 1922, Page 26

Mr. Lloyd George next argued that he was not respon-

sible for the policy towards Turkey. " Turkey was almost completely partitioned by the agreements entered into by various Powers before I ever became Prime Minister." [But surely Mr. Lloyd George cannot suppose that the arrangements made with Tsarist Russia held good after the Soviet Government had come into power and repudiated every word and act of the old Govern- ment ?] He quoted a document to prove that the Treaty of Sevres had been negotiated by the Foreign Office and added, " I think it necessary to say that because of the. rubbishy statements that are made about Treaties having been prepared by the Cabinet Secretariat without the consent of the Foreign Office." Mr. Lloyd George then dealt cryptically with his own future and that of the Government. " If there is to be a change, believe me, there is no man who would welcome it more than I would. I would welcome, I would love freedom... . I.-never sought the position, T never wished to retain it, and I will serve my country in any capacity so long as God gives me strength."