21 OCTOBER 1922, Page 26

Mr. Lloyd George ridiculed the Unionist meeting arranged for November.

" I think," he said, " it would have been more honourable and courageous if it [a motion to dispense with his services] had been moved in November, 1918. . . . I cast myself on the people whose cause I have never betrayed in thirty-two years of strenuous public life." He added that in -his opinion the supreme task of statesmanship was " the pacification of the nations," and that he would support with all his might any Government which devoted itself to that task. Mr. Lloyd George's incidental references to the huge massacres by the Turks ;and to the " French defeat in Cilicia " have caused angry outbursts in both Turkey and France. Perhaps he felt that he would not be called upon to manage the peace in the Near East. In any case, he has disqualified himself for doing so.