21 OCTOBER 1922, Page 26

There was a writer in the Press, Mr. Lloyd George

went on, who had made himself very obnoxious by the malignity with which he had pursued the Government. " The moment he heard that Mr. Chamberlain and I. were going to defend the Government he said, What better proof do you want of their guilt ? ' There are queer people let loose in the Press these days." The objects of the Government in their Near Eastern • policy had been threefold : first to secure the Freedom of the Straits; secondly to prevent the war from spreading into Europe, and thirdly to prevent the repetition in Constan- tinople of " the scenes of intolerable horror which had been enacted in Asia Minor." All these three objects had been attained. The Government had followed the policy of Gladstone. They had refused to let Great. Britain " face the world with the brand of Cain upon . her brow." Yet Liberals had covered them with abuse. Mr. Lloyd George then delivered a particularly bitter attack upon Lord Gladstone.