21 OCTOBER 1922, Page 3

The poetry list is as interesting as, perhaps more interesting

than, any of the others. There are new books by Mr. W. H. Davies and Mr. W. B. Yeats, and an illustrated volume containing new and old poems by Mr. Walter de la Mare ; Collected Verses of Mr. Hilaire Belloc and The Ballad of St. Barbara by Mr. G. K. Chesterton. Mr. Cape is bringing out a revised edition of Mansoul, the most recent poem of that strange and splendid literary hermit, Mr. Charles. Doughty, and the book which arouses perhaps the highest expectations of all comes from Mr. Grant Richard's list, Last Poems, by Mr. A. E. Housman, whose previous volume, The Shropshire Lad, was published how many years ago ? And for those who like to put their money on a dark horse, there is a new volume, The Dream, by Mr. John Masefield. The Collected Poems of Mr. Edwin Arlington Robinson, a severe and fine craftsman and perhaps the most distinguished living American poet, have at last appeared in England from the house of Mr. Cecil Palmer.

Anthologies continue to multiply like rabbits. Perhaps the most interesting of them, intended as a companion to Mr. Squire's Selections from Modern Poets, is called Modern American Poets. It is published by Mr. Seeker, and has been compiled by Mr. Conrad Aiken, one of the foremost of the younger American poets.