21 OCTOBER 1922, Page 3

Under the heading of The Drama there are one or

two volumes which arouse pleasant anticipations. These are False Premises, five one-act plays by Mr. Laurence Housman ; Plays in Prose and Verse, by Mr. W. B. Yeats ; and new plays by Mr. Israel Zangwill and Mr. John Masefield, who has accustomed us- to expect anything of him, from the supremely excellent to the unbelievably bad while Mr. Lascelles. Abercrombie's Four Short Plays (disappointing to those who know what a rich imagination he has displayed in the past) and Mr. Flecker's long-awaited Hassan have already appeared.

Among books of various kinds Mr. P. P. Howe's biography of William Hazlitt, of which we give a notice, is an admirable study of a curious character and a fine writer and critic ; and reviews will be found of two important books which might be called Studies in Civilizations "- Mr. Bertrand Russell's individual and profound study of Modern China and the Chinese temperament, and Mr. G. K. Chesterton's spirited and often penetrating account of what he saw in America.