21 OCTOBER 1922, Page 37


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.]

Sin,—A remarkable illustration of the ever-increasing part women are playing in business life is afforded by the appoint- ment of Miss Marion Jean Lyon, a Scotswoman who came to London sixteen years ago, to the position of Advertising Manager of Punch. Joining the office staff of Punch twelve years ago, Miss Lyon gradually worked her way upwards till she was made assistant to the late advertising manager. Mr. Roy Somervell. She has recently been appointed to the vacant position, to the great satisfaction of all those who had experience of her business ability. The position of adver- tising manager of Punch is one of the most important and highly paid in Fleet Street and it is interesting to find that a woman has won it In America many highly-paid journalistic positions are held by women, but in England, until recent years, on the business side at least, women have been con- spicuous by their absence.—I am, Sir, &c., E. IV.