21 SEPTEMBER 1839, Page 1

Mr. SIIEU.'s reelection for Tipperary, which took place on Monday,

is proclaimed by Ministerial newspapers as a triumph. There was no opposition to the Vice-President of the Board of Trade—had his seat been in the slightest danger, he might have sighed in vain for the appointment. The value of this victory is small indeed. The ingenious declaimer has not even favoured us with a clever speech on theoccasion. Adulation of the Lords


M and EBRINGTON, Ministerial difficulties and Tory terrorism, were the staple of Mr. Suries harangue from the hustings at Clonmel. On national questions he was dumb. The Corn.laws, of course, lie could not touch without compromising himself with the commercial interests of England or the agricultural interests of Tipperary. There were none to catechize him on Suffrage- extension or Ballot ; and as for "Repeal," the word was not whis- pered. Mr. SIIEIL'S acceptance of office is to be received as a guarantee of Lord MELBOURNE'S resolve to proceed stoutly in the work of Reform! So say the Ministerial scribes ; but the most obsequious Whig in the Three Kingdoms could not have addressed his constituents in terms more palatable to a Premier determined to stop Reform, than those employed by Mr. SIIEIL.