21 SEPTEMBER 1839, Page 1

While congratulations on the suppression of Chartism have been freely

indulged in, the Sheffield professors of that faith have given proof that their spirit is as yet unsubdued. Sheffield has been seriously disturbed by the proceedings of Chartists ; who have assembled in large numbers at night, abstaining generally from speech-making, but exhibiting arms, parading the streets, and re- sisting the military and police employed to disperse them. We are prepared for these outbreaks. Unless trade revive, the number of idle or only partially-employed operatives will be very great during the winter. The punishment of men regarded :as martyrs to Chartism irritates as much as terrifies their -followers. The con- tinuance of physical distress will render them reckless ; and as no means have been taken to remove the causes of discontent among the working classes, that discontent is sure to break forth in out- rages, which must be suppressed, and their authors punished ; and while affairs move in this vicious circle, additions are constantly made to the sources of mischief and alarm. The revival of Chartism, in a community noted for its general tranquillity, and after "examples" had been made in other places, is a symptom not to be disregarded. It is a practical illustration of the truth, that popular irritation, arising from substantial and palpable grievances, cannot be quelled by mere force of law.