21 SEPTEMBER 1895, Page 1

The news from the Far East points to a renewal

of trouble. It is stated that the German Government has again agreed to assist Russia and France in insisting on a more speedy evacuation of the Liam-tang Peninsula by Japan. In order to facilitate compliance with this demand, a second Russo- Chinese loan is to be raised in France in November, the amount to be, as before, sixteen millions, and the money to be subscribed by the peasantry on the Russian guarantee. The statements are specific and probably true; but no hint is given of the motive which impels the Russian Government to be so urgent. Are the Czar's advisers of opinion that the European War is ultimately certain, and that Japan may take advantage of it to retain her conquests ? The demand will create great soreness in Tokio, the Japanese already declaring that the country has been insulted, and that their Government has been weak in giving way. The new fleet is, however, not ready yet, and the Japanese are too sensible to enter into a rifle-match without cartridges.