21 SEPTEMBER 1895, Page 1

The Russians are taking immense pains to advertise their friendship

for the French. The Czar sent a General to watch the great manceuvres in progress round Mirecourt on the old theatre of war, and this officer, General Drago- miroff, was apparently instructed to be most flattering in his comments. Prince Lobanoff, moreover, who is now virtually Chancellor of the Russian Empire, has been directed to take his annual holiday in France ; has had long interviews with M. Hanotaux; and accepted an invita- tion from the President to witness the "Grand Review," which came off on Wednesday, and included so many troops that the spectacle was invisible for the clouds of dust. It is cynically suggested that all this ceremonial is intended only to facilitate the issue of a new Russo. Chinese loan for sixteen millions, which is to be launched in Paris in November, but it is probable that the Czar's advisers intend to warn both England and Japan of the mass of power, both maritime and military, now at their disposal. The French must be very eager for the alliance to induce them to commit themselves to a costly policy in the Far East, with which they have nothing to do; and the Czar must be very much set on his anti-Japanese policy to sanction such pecuniary risks. Russia will, in the end, have guaranteed some forty-two millions sterling on the security of Chinese good faith.