21 SEPTEMBER 1895, Page 2

We are glad to note that the Irish Unionists are

keeping the questions of the over-representation of Ireland and the misuse of the special facilities accorded to illiterates under the Ballot Act before the country. In a letter addressed by the Council of the Irish Unionist Clubs to Lord Salis- bury and Mr. Gerald Balfour both these points are strongly insisted on. They declare that "the danger of Home-rule will never be averted till the over-representation of Ireland in the Imperial Parliament is rectified and illiterate voting abolished." In regard to the illiterate vote they mention the fact that in 1892 it was in Ireland 21'6 Fer cent, as compared with 1 per cent. in England. It is impossible, in face of these figures, to doubt that many persons who in Ireland voted as illiterates did not do so in good faith.