21 SEPTEMBER 1912, Page 12


tro THE EDITOR Or TIIE "SPECTATOR., SIR,—What is the purport of your article on the "Marconi Agreement" P You want your readers to scuttle out and sell bears. Of course the writer is a bear. Why should not Marconi benefit by his invention P What reason to wait for possible improvements by copyists P In every other industry inventors have made fortunes, and quite rightly; and why not in this instance P Heaven only knows ! And it is all-important that all large ships should have wire- less installed. Oh, no ! say you; wait until some probable inventor can do it cheaper! What arrant nonsense ! Never mind loss of life, only wait. Oh, no! don't sign any agree- ment with Marconi Co., perhaps in ten years some inventor may possibly find a better system ! What astounding position to suggest? You will say these are anonymous— so is your article ! For goodness' sake try and get your

contributors to write sense !—I am, Sir, &c., BROKER. Stock Exchange, E.C.

[As "Broker" has charged the writer of our article with being a " bear," he has anticipated the comment which would naturally be provoked by the manner of his letter, and leaves us nothing more to say on the subject except that if he seriously believes that articles in the Spectator are written to influence the financial market, we should not have the remotest hope of persuading him to the contrary.—En. Spectator.]