21 SEPTEMBER 1912, Page 14


great pain, in last week's Spectator, an account of the intolerance shown by an Anglican clergyman to one of my brother ministers of the Wesleyan Church. Such intolerance is deplorable ! May I, however, state an incident of an opposite nature ? Being in Zermatt four weeks ago, I attended the services of the English Church. In announcing a celebration of the Holy Communion after the morning service, Dr. W. H. Griffith Thomas, the chaplain, gave a large-hearted and truly catholic invitation to all members of churches other than Anglican, who might chance to be present, to remain for the ordinance, an invitation of which my family and I gladly availed ourselves. I afterwards wrote to Dr. Thomas expressing my sense of his Christian courtesy. If only this example were generally followed it would be the salvation of the Church of England.—I am, Sir, 7 Burton Crescent, Headingley, Leeds.