21 SEPTEMBER 1912, Page 23

Yonder. By E. H. Young. (W. Heinemann. es.)—.This is a

serious piece of good work, and if the strain is sometimes over- wrought it is relieved by the realized atmosphere of mountains and winds. The story deals with two families. In the one are Edward Webb, with his refined spirit struggling against uncon- genial oeaupstion, anti his 'adored child, Theresa; in the other, Clara Rutherford; mothering her weak and drunken husband and their strong-willed boy, Alexander. These characters are clearly cutand developatas•indeed are other minor-characters. Theresa is not a perfect. heroine,and she brings suffering to herself and others throughletting her imaginationrule her instead of serving her, as her father had warned.her. He longs to bring Alexander into her life, for there is a fine friendship between the older man and the lad. This hope is finally fulfilled only by the death of the one father at the hands -cif the. other. The suggestion of Supernatural will power exerobled by the Rutherfords' neighbour, Janet, does not aid a story which _is too good and too well tad. to need any such device.