21 SEPTEMBER 1912, Page 24

The Horse and its Relatives. By R. Lydekker, P.R.S. Illus-

trated. (George Allen and Co. 10s. 6d. net.)—This book is a treatise on the physical characteristics of various breeds of horses, of their ancestry, and of the several living species allied to them. It is a book which, though of a scientific character, is deliberately written in a very easy style in order to be immediately compre- hensible to the layman. The author is particularly interested in obtaining an exact nomenclature for different groups and in determining the precise point at which one breed of horse merges into another. Some of the illustrations are rather attractive, especially one of that delightful animal the Bontequagga (Mr. Lear must have had a hand at this creature's christening) and one of a Norwegian feld pony, which is described as "an eel-backed dun"— a singularly apposite phrase.