21 SEPTEMBER 1912, Page 3

Subsequently the matter came up at a special meeting of

the Council of Agriculture on Tuesday. The subject for which the meeting was convened was the present crisis in the Irish cattle trade and the negotiations between the English and Irish Boards of Agriculture, in regard to which Mr. T. W. Russell observed that his sense of fair play had been greatly strained by Mr. Runciman's policy. After a resolution had been passed calling on the Government to remove the restric- tions placed on the shipment of Irish live stock, the action of the Development Commissioners was discussed. Mr. Farrell having denounced their invitation to members of the Council as a mean, contemptible, and underhand attempt to interfere with its rights, a resolution was carried by 43 votes to 15 expressing the opinion that the circular was a breach of the privileges of the Council and an insult to its members.