21 SEPTEMBER 1912, Page 3

We are glad to record the meeting, held on Wednesday,

of the Soldiers' Land Settlement Association, at which proposals for providing small farms for ex-soldiers were laid before the Committee by Colonel H. L. Pilkington, the founder and organizer of the movement. The scheme includes the establish- ment of training farms in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the Empire, where skilled technical instructors will prepare ex- soldiers in the various departments of agriculture, horticulture, and allied industries. After their training they will be settled on the land, either at home or in the Empire. The War Office has signified its sympathy with the movement, the Board of Agriculture can be counted on for advice, and negotiations will be carried on direct with the overseas Governments as well as the great landowning corporations. All the Dominions are represented among the Vice-Presidents, Lord Methuen is President, and Lord Avebury will act as Honorary Treasurer. An appeal for public support will shortly be issued, the initial outlay being estimated at £50,000. We cannot doubt that it will receive a liberal response, in view of the backing which the movement has received and the urgent need which it seeks to supply.