21 SEPTEMBER 1956, Page 14


SIR,—As one who played a minor part in Mr. Peter Fleming's brilliant presentation (for two nights only) of Bulldog Drummond at Newport Pagnell in 1927 (?), I must draw attention to certain mis-statements by Strix in your issue of September 14:

(a) I am sure the hunt was the Oakley, not the Whaddon Chase.

(b) Certainly all the leading male roles were played by dashing young friends of Mr. Fleming's from Oxford and not by local hunting worthies.

(c) The major contretemps was that Lord Pakenham doubled the roles of Phyllis's alcoholic uncle and 'that swine Marcovitch' (a hanger-on of Dr. Lekington) and unfortunately switched the lines of the two parts.

(d) We smaller fry certainly regarded Mr. Fleming, President of the DUDS, as the depository of all technical wisdom and experience.

My principal memory is the particularly devilis11 and yet well-satisfied look on Dr. Lekingion's and Carl Petersen's (Mr. Tom Mott's)faces as they hustled poor Bulldog-Strix towards the acid bath.—Yours faithfully, E. P. WARNER Brus3els