21 SEPTEMBER 1991, Page 25


I AM delighted to learn that the City's senior banker has been honoured for his services. He is not, as you might think, some aging Baring or supernumerary Barc- lay. Kung Chao Hu, `K.C.' to all, who becomes an honorary Officer of the Order of the British Empire, has been the Bank of China's man in London since 1944. He is the first port of call for anyone in the City with a Chinese puzzle, and his network is unique. `K.C. knows everybody', as Robin Leigh-Pemberton put it, 'and everyone knows K.C.' That was at the City party to mark K.C.'s half-century in banking with the presentation of a silver dish. He answered in style — 'You and I, Mr Governor, we are survivors' — and then picked up the dish, peered at the hallmark, and affected a double-take: 'Made in Taiwan?'