22 APRIL 1905, Page 15



Sin,—May I trespass on your space very shortly P I have but just received a copy of your issue of December 10th, 1904, sent by a friend, and always acceptable no matter the date, and should like to express the gratification felt in this neighbour- hood amongst the English at reading an article calculated to do so much good in spreading the true facts of the case as is yours on "The Boer Congress," and at the same time point out that we here living close to the Basutoland border consider your sympathy with the Boer complaint against the South African Constabulary quite uncalled for. The troopers in the country districts carry out their manifold duties ex- cellently, and to replace them by a force recruited from the original inhabitants would open a way for liquor and ammunition running across the border, and bribery of all sorts, which was an acknowledged custom in the days of the old Free State force. I will quote the words of a well- known Boer residing hereabouts in support of this opinion :— " We may grumble at the South African Constabulary, but at all events we know they are thoroughly straight." On the organisation (if it can be dignified by the term) of the South African Constabulary, and the plethora of useless officers, I could say a good deal, but this is not the place for a subject which needs a more experienced pen than mine. I am calling the attention of the local Press to your article, as it cannot be