22 APRIL 1905, Page 2

Mr. Lloyd-George intervened in the combat of wit with yet

another humorous speech, and one by no means un- worthy of its predecessors. He missed, however, an opportunity for a very telling quotation in the amusing passage in which he declared that the loyalty of the followers of the Prime Minister was only comparable to that of the loyalty of the creatures in the Ark. We allude to the lines in which Coleridge or Southey, whichever it was wrote "The Devil's Drive," describes a majority going up into "a certain House" like Noah followed by his animal companions in adversity. It is interesting, but not perhaps very profitable, to speculate what answer Mr. Bali our will give to the Tariff Reform deputation after Easter. Upon that answer, however, must to a great extent depend the fortunes of the Government in the remaining portion of the Session.