22 APRIL 1911, Page 25

English Catalogue of Books, 1910. (Sampson Low, Marston and Co.

6s. net.)—The year 1910 had a record in books, though the increase over 1909 was not large, 8,468 as against 8,464 new books, and 2,336 as against 2,336 new editions. " Fiction" shows 1,806, reaching a maximum of 333 in September; juvenile books make up a total, with fiction, of 2,833 ; then come in order arts and sciences 1,254, religion and philosophy 1,064, history and biography 860, political eoonomy, social, &e., 816, educational. &c., 659. With this we may chronicle the appearance of the second volume of Standard Books (Thomas Nelson and Sons) dealing with the subjects of religion, science, and the arts.