22 APRIL 1911, Page 25


[Under this heading los notice such Books of nut souk as lase not Dams reserved for renew in other forms.] Jottings from an Indian Journal. (Jerrold and Sons. 2s. net.) —Sir John Field served in the First Afghan War. Early in the Diary is a notice of the disaster of the Khyber Pass, a correct account, as it states that only a doctor (Brydon) escaped. In the second and third chapters we hear about Scinde and Sir Charles Napier. Then, after an interval, come some details of the Abyssinian Expedition of 1867. So far there is nothing out of the way in the "Jottings." But in the later chapters we see some- thing of the real man, how he was dominated by a strong spirit of religion. We have, for instance, a characteristic story of his preaching on Ramsgate Sands. It would have been well to give a brief chronology of Sir John Field's life. Beady for Either. (Simp- kin Marshall and Co. 2s. net.)—Lieutenant G. H. Soole, of the 21st Cavalry, was killed in the Mohand campaign on May 20th, 1908. His mother has put together in this volume some record of his career—he was few weeks past his twenty-seventh birthday when he died. It is an interesting story. We need not follow it. Here, too, we see a dominating force of religious feeling. But it did not make him, as indeed it should not, less keen as a soldier, or diminish his wholesome enjoyment of life.