22 APRIL 1955, Page 37

(4-4). 2 'I remember, I remember The -

10 You'll find her in Ireland, ready to 3 They're all pals in the institution

6 Vera not in? (anag.) (9).

14 The American seizes his luggage (5). 9 It enables a Yank to see things at a Or the twisted -* (Milton) (9). 11 Scottish goalkeeper interested only in 10 Twill make overalls (5). 15 How to be an invalid and like it!

22 Ancient city forbidden? (5). 19 'Rolled round in earth's - course,

24 Salvia tidied up answers the purpose With rocks, and stones, and trees'

25 Are gulls his favOurite birds? (8). • 20 Frederick announces his sex poetically


26 'Unto this last"/ (8). 23 But one doesn't coo when one sees Tqo Prizes will he awarded: a copy of the De Luxe edition of Charnb.int's I wentieth Century Dictionary -"a a hook token for one guinea. They will he awarded to the senders o' the first two corm!. solutions opened after noon on May 3 and addressed: Crossword No. 831, 99 Gower Si., London. W.C.I.

Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary, New Version, is recommended foe Centywoe,14