22 APRIL 2000, Page 26

Marxist manoeuvring

From Mr Robert Leader Sir: It is somewhat unfair of Mick Hume (Another voice, 8 April) to accuse left-wing liberals of reneging on their principles. His LM magazine has, after all, gone further down that road than most. Summed up neat- ly, the thesis of his magazine is that the mar- ket is a relatively positive institution which needs to be defended from some imaginary onslaught by reactionaries on the Left. Meanwhile, Mick Hume's ever-decreasing circle of supporters go out of their way to identify with right-wing policies, using phras- es such as 'these uncertain times' and 'the uncharted waters of post-Cold War politics', favourite cliches used to justify whatever is LM's flavour of the month.

A couple of issues that LM had little to say about in its last few months are the gov- ernment's drive against immigrants and the attempt to curb the right to trial by jury. Why is this? Because these are issues large- ly championed by left-wingers, from whom the writers of LM wish to distance them- selves. In 'these uncertain times' is it any wonder that some are repelled by LM to the extent that they distrust what it says about matters such as Bosnia?

Robert Leader

Forest Fields, Nottingham