22 AUGUST 1868, Page 1

A frightful accident, perhaps the most frightful which ever occurred

in Great Britain, happened to the Irish mail train on Thursday, near Abergele. The train was going at the rate of about forty miles an hour when it crashed into some waggons, which "had got detached from a goods train" in advance, and slipped back on the incline. One of the waggons was loaded with petroleum, which exploded, fired everything it touched, and burnt up three first - class carriages with all their pas- sengers, twenty - three in number. So frightfully were the bodies charred that they cannot be recognized, but it is believed that Lord Farnham and his two daughters are among the slain ; and the Duchess of Abercorn and Marquis of Hamilton had a very narrow escape. No clear account of the cause of the accident has been published, but we incline to believe that the goods' train was too late in shunting out of the way, and that the carriage doors were locked.