22 AUGUST 1868, Page 22

The Emigrant's Guide to the Colony of Natal. By Dr.

Robert James Mann. (Virtue and Co.)—Dr. Mann, who is Superintendent-General of Education in the colony, writes a book which can hardly fail to be very useful. It gives full information on most subjects which are likely to interest those who may be thinking of making the colony their home ; on what, for instance may ho grown with advantage, on the capabilities of the country for sport, &a. The only important thing of which we can see no mention is the subject of health. There is a common im- pression that life is more precarious in Natal than in England. Emi- grants go, doubtless, without much hesitation to far worse climates ; but it is a point on which they like, or certainly ought, to be well informed. We cannot test the accuracy of Dr. Mann's statements, but his tone seems fair and candid. He naturally says the best ho can for the colony, but he does not paint everything couleur de rose.