22 AUGUST 1868, Page 3

Although the exports of gold have fallen off considerably, all

Home Securities have been very inactive this week, and prices have had a downward tendency. Yesterday, Consols, for money, left off at 93.1, ; 1Liduced and New Three per Cents., 93i, 94 ; Exchequer Bills, 17s. to 20s. prem. Bank Stock was done at 245. India Stock marked 215i, and the Five per Cents., 114. India Bonds were nominally 21s. to 23s. prem. The dealings in the Foreign House have been only to a moderate extent, yet no change of importance has taken place in prices. We have no change of importance to notice in the value of Railway Shares. Money has been in somewhat limited request at 1if, 1 per cent. for the best %bort bills. The stock of bullion in the Bank of England ha 20,735,2011.; in the Bank of France, 52,092,000/.