22 AUGUST 1941, Page 10

How are we to find a watchword which will galvanise

beli:I? Such words as " freedom " or " democracy " have lost th currency-value, having been so thumbed in the market-pla that their image and superscription has been blurred. masses of our people have had no experience of a denial liberty, and are wholly unaware of the value of the bles they enjoy. Never in their life-time have they winced at sight of a policeman or dropped their voices within earshot strangers. They have not known the humiliation of bel unfree. Yet assuredly the light has now come to us and the gr hope has been born. To the men of our race it will be gi% through blood and sweat and tears, to bring peace and Of to mankind. We have the strength and will to do it ; we the imagination to rejoice that it is being done?