22 AUGUST 1941, Page 22

Planning the Stage Wardrobe By loyce Conyngham-Green.

(Nelson. 2S. 6d.) THIS small book on stage-wardrobe is planned as economically as a French housewife plans her weekly housekeeping ; there is always something left over for the next day's menu. It is written for the amateur theatrical producer, but in these days of clothes-rationing it would be of great assistance to the stud company, or any company that has a standard wardrobe. Conyngham-Green's ideas of colour for the stage are extreme:. good, and her scheme of designing an original costume that car. be adapted to almost any period will enable a producer to revive a costume-play at short notice and very little expense if the original costume is carefully planned. The drawings in this book act as a useful guide. Another short book on adapting curtain: and scenery would be an interesting addition to the series.