22 AUGUST 1941, Page 22


of London)

THE WINTER SESSION opens on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1st The London Hospital remains the headquarters of the Medical SchooL The beds have been reduced from the pre-war figure of 90o to 35o ; too are held in reserve for air-raid casualties, but an Annexe has been opened at Brentwood with 36o beds. The organi- sation of the Emergency Medical Service at the beginning of the war brought the Medical School into relation, through the London Sector Scheme, with all the hospitals in Essex and many in London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire. The clinical facilities in the Medical School have been greatly increased by the war.

The Departments of Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology are temporarily transferred to Cambridge under our staff of Professors and Readers. Courses for the Primary Fellowship are held in Cam- bridge twice a year it conjunction wall St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Chemistry, Physics and Biology are taught at Queen Mary College, also temporarily in Cambridge. The Price Entrance Scholarship in Science (Chemistry, Physics and Biology) will be awarded on an Examination in April. The Dental School remains at the London Hospital and provides teaching in all branches of Dental Surgery. The attendance of patients in the Dental Out-Patient Department has been little in- fluenced by the war. The Francis Fanner Entrance Scholarship (in Chemistry Physics and Biology), is awarded in September.

Clinical students are posted in the first instance to Chase Farm Hospital, Enfield, or tc St Andrew's Hospital. Billericay, near the London Hospital Annexe a, Brentwood, and then after a Course in Pathology, to the London Hospital Annexe at Brentwood or to the North Middlesex County Hospital at Edmonton (r,000 beds). In the final year, after a period as Student House Officers at Sector Hospitals, they return to the London Hospital for preparation for the final examinations. This organisation can be adapted to any circum- stances which may arise.

A very large number of House Appointments for recently qualified students are available at the London Hospital, the Annexe at Brent- wood, Chase Farm E.M.S. Hospital, the North MiddYesex County Hospital and the Hospitals in Sector II and the 4th Civil Defence Renton.

Three entrance scholarships in Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology and Bio-Chemistry are awarded in April and June. Funds to the value of over ktoo,000 are available for Medical Research.

The College provides an Athenaeum, Dining Hall, Library, Museum, Gymnasium, Fives Court, three Tennis Courts and ,two Squash Courts. All are in use during the war. The Athletic Ground. at Hale End can easily be reached from the Hospital by train or road.

Further details may be obtained from the Dean, A. E. Clark- Kennedy, M.D., F.R.C.P., Physician to the Hospital and Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, who is always ready to see students by appointment at the London Hospital or at Corpus Christi College at Cambridge.

TURNER STREET, LONDON, E.I. Tel. BlEhopsgate 2456

Station: Whitechapel (Underground), opposite the Hospital.