22 AUGUST 1941, Page 22

The Mind of the Maker. By Dorothy L. Sayers. ( Methuen.

St,) MISS DOROTHY SAYERS, whose detective-stories have pleased a large public, here tries to explain the nature of God, conceived in His capacity as Creator, by analogy with the creative activity of the human mind. It is a dangerous analogy, and it is not made less dangerous by Mis Sayers' very personal approach and the importance she obviously attributes to her own work. On page 94, rather in the manner of Professor Lowes, who traced the literary sources of Coleridge's inspiration in The Road so Xattadu, Miss Sayers analyses het own " sources of power ": by way of Yob, Isaiah, the Psalms, Milton, Keats and Browning we reach a rather over-written passage fran her detective-story called The Nine Tailors. Nor is one impressed with the happiness of her self-criticism when she detects " a hymn to the Master. Maker" in Whose Body?