22 AUGUST 1941, Page 24

" THE• SPECTATOR" CROSSWORD No. 128 [A prize or a

Book Token for one guinea will be given to the sender of the first correct solution of this week's crossword puzzle to be opened. Envelopes should be marked with the words "Crossword Puzzle" and the NUMBER of the PUZZLE, and should be received not later than first post on Tuesday week. No envelopes will be opened before noon on Tuesday. Solutions should be on the form appearing below. The name of the winner and the solution will be published in the following issue. Envelopes containing solutions must bear a 21d. stamp, otherwise they are surcharged on delivery. Solu- tions from the U.S.A cannot he aecepted.1 //

/8 NI=



s. Reforming map-maker? (8). 5. Slap-up little craft, so to speak (6).

9. A notorious painter is dis- missed (2 words) (5, 3) to. Twisted inroad (6).

IL Only part of the district but all of the ancient city (8). 12. The American academic world (6)

14. So much may be said of the printer who does not forsake his calling (3 words) (4, 2, 4).

18. Forfeited by the bride in church (2 words) (6, 4) 22. Town of mail vans? (6) 23. Where good men and true are found (8).

24. It's French, dear (6).

25. " Brother -'s the man you'll find: Brother Lorenzo stands his single peer." (Browning) (8).

26. Weller in the diocese (6).

27. Drape Sue, she may need coaxing (8).


1. "Her andirons-I had forgot them-were two winking - of silver." (Shakespeare) (6).

z. He appe fes to define his realm to a T (6).

3. A creature of the chef's (6). 4. Warble round the wood (to). 6. Turk's cap for the garde (8).

7: A little company's gathe round the musical instr (8).

8. Aspect of what's left (8) 13. The bad sailor is than this is not a quality of on. waves (so)

15. Give 'em pairs (8).

16. ". . ., nobler ever than venge " (Shakespeare) (8 ∎, 17. Evelyn Hope's flower ,s 19. Pressure (6).

zo. It's a bit of a fossil I can (6).

21. Might be a horse but c dently not a seahorse (5).