22 AUGUST 1941, Page 4

La France Libre (Hamish Hamilton, 2S. 6d. monthly), v . ably

edited by M. Andre Labarthe, keeps up its stand wonderfully. In the current issue, which has just reached a fourteen-page supplement is devoted to reproductions of so of the many journals of revolt circulated clandestinely in Fr. today. They vary instructively in appearance...The first Valm! for January, 1941 ("Notre devise : Un seal ennemi, l'enz sear"), is a rough badly-typed smudgy sheet, which someh tells a more poignant story than the neat roneoed product which Valmy could turn out by the time it reached its issue in March. Libertd is printed, and very efficiently. L'Or Nouveau . . . de la Servitude, with a drawing of mama attached to a swastika intervening between the two halves the title, also printed, is a less finished article, but its sentirn —" La Grande-Bretagne et les Etats-Unis preparent contre Boches une victoire oil les Francais seront presents!" are sound to the core. The collection, as a whole is full interest and encouragement.

* * * *