22 AUGUST 1958, Page 19

SIR,—Brian Inglis says: 'If we could dream future events we

could presumably prevent them taking place.' This is not so.

When I was a boy I dreamed, some time before it actually happened, that another boy would throw a dart at a telegraph pole and, missing the pole, the dart would enter my side. I had never engaged in such a game before, nor had any of my friends, but a few weeks later the incident occurred precisely as I had dreamed it. I have never been able to explain this dream in logical terms either to' myself or to anyone else. Although I knew for a certainty what was going to happen I did not make any attempt to prevent it, but whether my apathy was due to some conscious belief that dreams don't really come true or from some unconscious force which makes the 'dream'- Inevitable a 'fact'-inevitable I cannot say. My wound was very superficial and had healed in a day or two but the dream memory'is ineradicable.—Yours faith- fully, 87 Brixhant Crescent, Ruislip, Middlesex It. A. WALKER