22 DECEMBER 1866, Page 1

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The heads of the plan for the new German Confederation have been published in Berlin. It is understood that the executive will be reserved to Prussia, that the subordinate armies will take an oath of military allegiance to her King, and that in time of war his powers will be nearly unrestrained. The functions of the Parliament are not defined, though the latest telegram seems to imply that they will be limited to legislation; but the Parliament itself is to consist of two Chambers, of which the Upper House will consist of Princes or their nominees, who will vote " by States," and the Lower, of 250 members or so, chosen by universal suffrage, who will vote by head. In the Upper House the King gives himself " nearly a majority," and in the Lower the Prussians will be completely in the ascendant, each 100,00.) of population sending up one representative. No official can be elected, and no member will be paid. We have commented on the probable working of this scheme elsewhere.