22 DECEMBER 1866, Page 1

Mr. McCulloch's financial report is interesting, and we have com-

mented on some of its marvellous figures elsewhere, but it scarcely shows the capacity of Mr. Chase's reports. Omitting the loom

and repayments of debt, the account of revenue and expenditure for the year ended 30th June last stands thus :— RECEIPTS EXCLUDING LOANS.

Customs £35,808,000 Lands 183,000' Direct Tax 394,006 Internal Revenue 61,843,000 Miscellaneous 13,424,000


Civil Service

Pensions and Indians War Navy Interest on Debt

£8,311,000 3,770,000 56;889,000 8,665,000 26,613,000 £104,148,000 —which leaves a balance of the revenue over the expenditure of that year of only 7,456,0001.