22 DECEMBER 1866, Page 1


THE King of Italy opened his Parliament on the 15th inst., in a speech which began with the sentence, very proudly spoken,- " Our country is henceforth free from all foreign domination." The King announces that " the French Government, faithful to its obligations, has withdrawn its troops from Rome ;" that the Italian Government "has respected, and will respect, the Ponti- fical territory ;" that they desire " to conciliate Catholic interests with national aspirations," and hope to " accomplish the wishes which I form that the Sovereign Pontiff may remain independent at Rome." Italy possesses, as the ramparts of her independence, the very bulwarks which served to oppress her, and ought, there- fore, to develop her economic resources. The Government has " provided in advance for the financial necessities of next year of every kind," and Italy has only to be industrious. The speech was well received, and it is said the Radicals are mainly intent on army redaction,—which we doubt,—and compulsory education, which is true.