22 DECEMBER 1866, Page 2

The project for the reorganization of the Army is exciting

"great opposition" in France. The entire press not belonging to the Ministry of the Interior condemns it, individual members of the Legislative Body denounce it, and the middle class declares itself 'e appalled." All that matters ss mitleh as the sarcasms of the Mites on- the knife 'which eats the:oliteeeebut theleiteseme evidence that the peasantry are irritated with the eektie. Two official candidates the Corps'Legishttif 'have 'been dompelled to promise to-vote against it, anti it seethe a priori unlikely' that, ex- einptionbeing a privilege, people shottid dike to see it abolished. No Englishiean can, however, quite calculate on the steetegeh of a reeliehmen'spassianior military prettige, dud' itat mideratobti that the Army altogetherlatentable. It is through the Carpi Legis- latif, -therefore, that resistance must come, if it comes at all, and we diatrust the nerve and believe in the " patriotism " of the.Corps Logislatif.