22 DECEMBER 1866, Page 2

The week has been crowded with reports about Maximilian, most

of them apparently intended for the benefit of the Stock Exchange. According to one, which appeared first in Paris, he has abdicated the Mexican throne ;• according to another, he has handed over the government to the Clericals, headed by Marquez and Miratnon ; and according to a third, he has refused•to abdicate. The very latest in date is from New York, and announces- " new adhesions" to his empire. Besides these stories common toed the papers, the Times publishes a statement from Berlin 'that he. is a " prisoner " either to the Juarists or Marshal Bazaine, and the Anentr says the Austrian Army-intend to raise him to the throne. The balance of probability is that he is lying at Orizaba, either sick or sulky, and settling with Marshal Bazaine the form of his abdication ; but even of this there is-no certainty, it being the dis- tinct interest of the French Government, the New York-Herald, and the English stockjobbers to publish • the •mott -*beater:mai stories they din invent,- 4f the "French, because such stories conceal their own expulsion from Mexico,--of the Herold, to petweke a quarrel with France;—and of the stockjobbers; to acquire other people's cash eithotit liability to the law.