22 DECEMBER 1939, Page 15

Again and again has Herr Hitler avowed, and explained, his

theory of " broadened strategy " and his system of the Trojan Horse. " Our real wars," he informed Dr. Rauschning in 1932, " will in fact be fought before mili- tary operations begin. I can quite imagine that we might control Britain in this way." " Our strategy," he said again, " is to destroy the enemy from within, to conquer him through himself. . . . Mental confusion, contradictions of feeling, indecisiveness, panic: these are our weapons." Lord Haw-Haw knows how to employ these weapons with languid skill. Some defence must clearly be contrived. It is not possible for us to forbid our citizens to listen in to Lord Haw-Haw. It would be unwise, even, if we were to seek by technical interruptions to render his commentary inaudible. On the contrary, we should do everything to advertise the Hamburg broadcasts so that more and more people listen in. We must, in fact, prescribe Lord Haw-Haw as part of the country's daily ration in order that his talks may begin to cloy with increasing familiarity and thereby be exposed to the law of diminishing returns. Some more positive rejoinder will also be required.