22 DECEMBER 1939, Page 17

Christmas Trees

We shall be able on Christmas Day to adorn our houses with flowers as well as berries. Not even roses and out-of- door chrysanthemums will be extinct on Christmas eve. The Christmas tree, which was going out of favour, has been revived by the agency of the Forest Commission, which now regularly offers Christmas trees for sale. It is one of the delights of such nurseries as the Commission cultivates that they produce an excess. Tennyson once wrote of nature in regard to her germination of seeds, " of fifty brings but one to birth," and on the suggestion of a man of science, he changed in the later edition his " fifty " into " myriads." The scale does not apply to the nursery in which seeds almost always grow up too thickly, and need prompt thinning. Yet we still import from overseas large quantities of the briars and apple maidens that are needed for budding purposes. Every garden a nursery would be a wise ideal.