22 DECEMBER 1939, Page 21


SIR,.—May we, the China Medical Aid Committee, on behalf of the Chinese people who have suffered two and a half years of a terrible war, appeal to your readers to help us in the humanitarian work it is trying to do for China's sick and wounded? It may appear, immersed in our own war problems, somewhat unreal to ask for medical aid for China, but we do so knowing that our own wounded and sick will lack little that modern medical aid can give them. But it is not so for China's casualties, who have but small chance of medical, surgical or nursing care.

The Chinese Red Cross had to be created after the war had started, and its task was too great for the resources at its command, though it is tackling it in a heroic way. As a small help, this committee sent out in the summer seven doctors and surgeons to work under the Chinese Red Cross, and undertook to maintain and supply them with medical and surgical necessities for the period of their service. The war makes it difficult for that promise to be kept, and we are now appealing to the public for support. Will you help China so that she may know that there are still people whose humanity is not limited by their own frontiers?

Donations should be sent to Dr. E. R. C. Hambly, Albany Street, N.W. I.—Yours sincerely, 3 Lemna Court, London, E. ri.