22 FEBRUARY 1890, Page 2

Mr. Forwood, M.P., Secretary to the Admiralty, made an admirable

speech at Liverpool on Wednesday night, on the Report of the Commission, in which he brought out clearly how much it affirms beyond the dry general conclusions which are almost all that the general public have mastered. It was a very valuable speech, and gives in so succinct a form many of the more important judgments of the Commissioners' Report, that it should, we think, be published as a leaflet and dis- tributed broadcast to the constituencies of Great Britain. For the real value of the Report is the influence which it must exert on public opinion, and as you cannot by any means get the

illions to buy even a sixpenny volume,—a form in which the Report is promised, it would be well to get a trustworthy summary of its most weighty features in a leaflet of three or four pages, Such as would contain Mr. Forwood's pithy speech.