22 FEBRUARY 1890, Page 24

My "Hansom" Lays. By W. Beatty-Kingston. (Chapman and Hall.)—Mr. Beatty-Kingston

has republished in this volume a number of humorous pieces of verse which have been already laughed over by multitudes of readers of Punch and other periodicals. It is needless to praise them ; but we may give a sample of one, which is not inappropriate to the time. " German Colonisation" it is entitled. Bismarck is supposed to have addressed to his countrymen this stirring exhortation : " Go out of this, you hero-brood, and colonise the worldt :"— " Tot larks! Germania, mit her crown and sword and shining robe, Fill take her shtately flight across this old terrestrial globe, And There she sees a shtrip of likely coast, vet no-one owns, Ric -pt the natife safages that vorships shtocks and shtones, Shell shwoop shtraight down upon it, mit a motion calm and grand, And firmly plant our conquest-wealthy shtandard in the sand. Then, if the niggers ask her Tot the Waco it is she would, She shall answer : 'Liebe Louts, I am come here for your good!

I have brought you German culture for the poddy and the mind,

Die erhabenc Kultur of efery sort and efery kind;

All the pessimistic dogtrines of the Schopenhauer school, And the blessings of a bureancratish-military rule.

I shall teach you shplendit knowledge, vot you hitherto have lacked,

That religion is a fantasy, vhile sausage is a fact ; Ja, the mysteries of sauerkraut to you shall be made clear, And your souls shall learn to float on foaming waves of Lager-Bier !

I do not intend to long-while you mit missionary rant,

But to brighten up your intellects mit Hegel and mit Kant.

Mit our Army-Service system begift you by-and-by,

And mit all the priceless blessings of our Hobe Polisei.

Ach! I lofes you as a coder, and your happiness, I shwear, Shall forefer be the one surpassing object of my care.

lit civilize yon, Kinder, said dent edlen Gerstenbrei, And mit disepline, Potztausend !—or I'll know the reason vhy I' And then die hchre Gettin, hof'ring on the tether blue,

Vill summon up her gunboats and her Pickelbauben too, Her boarded brawny van iors, Tot nefer knew no fear, And truops of learned bureaucrats, all buttone l-up to here.

Then if the shtupit natifes don t attend to vet s'Ie said,

And makes themselves unpleasant, they must &I be shooted dead; For trifles in the ray of German culture mast not shtand-

/loch soil der Bismarck lam I drinks. 'Our Fatherland!'" —Mr. Kingston has also published some amusing sketches in prose, under the title of The Ohumplebunnys, and some other Oddities (same publishers).