22 FEBRUARY 1890, Page 25

In My Lady's Praise. By Sir Edwin Arnold. (Triibner.)—This collection

of " poems, old and new, written to the honour of Fanny, Lady Arnold, and now collected for her memory," may be best commended to our readers' attention without criticism. The greater part of the volume is occupied by a poem published some years ago under the title of " A Casket of Gems." We may quote the final sonnet :— " What Adonals is '—great Shelley said

Why fear we to become?' And that's well posed,

For. since you can lie there, dear Mayflower ! dead,

With eyes which were so bright for ever closed,

And lips which were so lightsome shut for ever, And hands which were so busy meekly linked, And laugh. never again to ring—ah, never !

And loving heart so still—why! Death has winked Over Love's foolish bead at Life, revealing The riddle of his message. Now we know, For us and others, that what seemed such stealing Of our heart's treasure, was not really so.

God, making her, must love her—that's mist certain ! So—she was weary and He drew her curtain."