22 FEBRUARY 1902, Page 1

During the week the city of Barcelona, except the capital

the richest and most flourishing in Spain, has been given over to strike rioting of a very serious kind. The strikers have stopped all trading and all locomotion in the town, and on Wednes- day several fatal collisions took place between the soldiers and the mob. It is said—but that is always said on the Continent—that the Anarchists are the prime movers in the disturbances. One curious feature of the rioting is that the strikers prevent the supplies of food from reaching the city, and provisions are therefore getting very scarce. Meantime there are fears that the Government will fall, owing to its inability to stop the riots, and that the Carlists will take advantage of the agitation to strike a blow. Things in Spain always acquire a very sensational air and seem more serious than they really are, but that there are ugly features in the Barcelona riots cannot be doubted.