22 FEBRUARY 1930, Page 1

If Lord Beaverbrook and Lord Rothermere had been content to

do what' Mr. Amery; for example, is doing— to persuade the nation to go the-whole hog in Protection Baldwin would have been grateful to They might have been his fuglemen, but instead of that, they have broken -away from the Protectionist marchers and have decided to harry' the flanks of Mr. Baldwin's Party. In the Daily Mail of Wednesday, Lord Rothermere magnificently announced : Under. the banner , of the United Empire Party I now enrol the Daily Mail with all the influence and resources at its command." He added that the Daily Mail will provide the organization, Candidates and money to fight fifty selected constituencies: We hope that as a leader, of the new Party Lord' Rother- mere will see the prOPriety of follOwing the recent example of Lord Beavelirciok and -arguing his case in the House of Lords. Frankly; we dannot approve 'of politicians who try to set tip a Party directed by newspapers, for such a movement sanctions the worst theory Of government that can be conceived—government' by newspaper. •