22 FEBRUARY 1930, Page 15

American Notes of the Week

(By Cable)

A PouncAL Clump.

President Hoover has returned from fishing in the calm sunlit waters of Florida to a sea of political troubles at Wash- irigton. The political leaders are beginning to scan the horizon with some anxiety in anticipation of the Congressional Elections which are due next Autumn. The Republican leaders do not find the prospect as unclouded as they would wish. The diisatisfaction arises in respect both of the legisla- tive position in Congress and of the feeling, in the country. As to the forMer, Representative Tilson, the Republican floor leader in the House, has taken the unusual course of appealing to the President and of making the tenor of his appeal known to the Press. The chief trouble with the legislative situation, which, of course, is not wholly -Unrelated to the feeling in the country, is the rise since President Hoover's inauguration of Republican insurgency in the Senate. The insurgent Republicans; in coalition with the Deinocrats, not only continue to hold up the Tariff Bill, in an unyielding fight with the regular Republicans and in defiance of President Hoover's request for expedition, but they also continue to cause the President and the Party to Which, nominally at any

rate, they belong, much embarrassment by opposition on _ other issues.

* * * *