22 FEBRUARY 1930, Page 18


SIR,—A word of acknowledgment is due to Mr. Arthur Osburn. When I wrote " Duplicity is traditionally admired in India," I supposed myself to be simply stating a truism. I am very glad that at any rate one Englishman is prepared to affirm the contrary. I should be sorry to use any expression which might seem " unparliamentary " to any of my fellow, countrymen, whether English or Indian, and I gladly with- draw it—the more so as it was merely after dictum and did not in any way contribute to my argument, indeed was rather against it.

If duplicity is as disgraceful a thing to the Indian as it is to the Englishman, this makes the more unforgiveable the wicked recklessness of Mr. Lldyd George in encouraging the Indian extremists to believe Lord Irwin and the English Government to be guilty of it.—I am, Sir, &e.,

Moyses, Fire Ashes, Sussex. LIONEL Jicaus.